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Flying Stones Matera

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Emotional flight over the Sassi of Matera, immersive and multi-sensorial in Virtual Reality 360°

This experience always deeply moves the guest who is immersed in a multisensory, poetic and almost magical dimension.

We offer an emotional emotional experience: feel yourself soaring over the roofs and secret gardens set in the tuff, gliding gently between the bell towers and experiencing the perspective of a cricket falcon dominating from above the whole city is a romantic sensation, stunning and moving at the same time. at the same time.

Each flight will be unique and customised as this new technology goes beyond the cinematographic or 3D perspective; it is a highly immersive 360° Vr immersive, everyone will be able to turn their gaze wherever they wish in 360° gliding among the smells of the Murgia, over the roofs, towards the cave houses, facing the sky or the overhang of the ravine.

It is an experience for adults and children who love to experiment, who wish to experience, even through unusual perspectives, a place that is the cradle of human history. We define this experience the gem to complete an exclusive and exciting stay.

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